Product specifications

Irislights balls are made in Thailand. Each ball is handmade by thin hand-colored thread and a nature-friendly glue. Minor differences in size and shape may occur. The light string is supplied unassembled and you can easily assemble the balls yourself on the light string as you wish.
See the instructions below:

  • Insert the plug and turn on the light string to make sure all lights are working
  • Look for the small hole on the top of the ball
  • You will find a small cut, approximately 2 cm, if you press lightly around the hole with your thumb. This makes it easier to insert the lamp into the hole
  • Twist and push the lamp and ensure that the whole lamp is in the ball and that only the small plastic ring is visible
  • Lightly pull in the cable to place the lamp right in the ball.








The distance between each ball is 14 cm.

Bulbs and light strings are produced in China and are CE approved.
Irislights are sold with LED lights that have an estimated burning time of 50,000 hours.
The bulbs are replaceable and sold only by Irislights retailers. Ensure that the small marks on the bulb and lamp holder are sitting opposite each other or else the bulb will not work. Make sure all bulbs are fully pushed in. If one bulb becomes slightly loose the light string will not light up. 
If a lamp is brokenremaining bulbs in the light string will still work. Replace the bulb as soon as possible or else the light strings lifetime may be shortened. If all the bulbs are black it is because the cable has short-circuited. If one bulb blows you must replace it straight away, If it’s left it will put pressure on the cable causing them all to blow and become black. Once all the bulbs have blown you will have to buy a new light string.

Guarantee of light string is 2 years. This does not apply to bulbs that are replaceable and can be purchased at your Irislights retailer.

Light string 20 bulbs:
230v—50Hz. Max: 3 .45W 20LED 3v/0. 015A
Power rectifier: 240VAC 50/60Hz 1. 0A

Light string 35 bulbs:
230v—50Hz. Max: 3. 45W 35LED 3v/0. 015A
Power rectifier: 240VAC 50/60Hz 1. 0A

Light string 50 bulbs:
230v—50Hz. Max: 3. 45W 50LED 3v/0. 015A
Power rectifier: 240VAC 50/60 Hz 1. 0A

The light strings are not dimmable.














• Light strings are for indoor use only
• Replace broken bulbs immediately to bulbs of the same wattage and voltage to prevent the light string from overheating
Use only lights like those sitting in the light string
Ensure that all lamp holder has a bulb
Do not switch the lights while light string is in the power socket
Do not connect the light string with another light string
• Do not allow the light string to shine when it is boxed